uh oh. The iPhone 6 Plus can BEND in your pocket! ** gasp **

This is not good news.

Oh, my.

And so begins a new chapter in Apple’s history: #bendgate

The iPhone 6 Plus bends, but not by design.

Some iPhone 6 Plus owners accidentally bending their phones in their pockets.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


19 thoughts on “uh oh. The iPhone 6 Plus can BEND in your pocket! ** gasp **

  1. Why would such a large sized phone be kept in a pocket while seated for extended periods of time??? Seems that (#1) it would be really uncomfortable and (#2) if a call came, there would be difficulty in getting at the phone for use (reports that the user is wearing such tight pants that this problem exists in the first place!). My iPhone 5 w/ the Otter case doesn’t fit in most of my pockets and usually is placed on the table or left in my purse, etc, while seated. A case makes the unit more bulky but serves as the protection that’s needed (from dropping or bending or whatever). All just IMHO!!! (from a i5 user whose contract isn’t up til next June!!!!)

  2. Thank you for the heads-up! I hoped the video would should him trying to use it while it was bent, and trying to unbend it to see if he could get it flat or whether the damage was worse. It seemed like he left out two important pieces of info that every viewer would likely be interested in learning.

  3. Kathy Waller says:

    Would putting the phone in your back pocket fall under the heading of contributory negligence? Perhaps Apple should add that to the Don’ts: Don’t use in bathtub. Don’t drop on asphalt. Don’t put in back pocket.

  4. I have an Incipio DualPro CF cover on my 5s and there is no way I am sittting on that without a big reminder of oops! If and when I decide to get the 6, I will be wrapping some kind of Incipio case around it.

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