I did it! I set up my own new iPhone 6 Plus

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.21.16 PMAlthough the new iPhone arrived yesterday, it came late in the afternoon, and that was not a good time for me to start. I wanted to do it when I could give it ALL of my attention and since I am a morning person, that meant today. I was going to get to it first thing this morning.

I woke with the best intentions, but of course, as usual, Life gets in the way. When I could finally turn my attention to the phone, I panicked big time just a bit, and chose, instead, to go to the store to get a case. 🙂 I convinced myself that I couldn’t possibly set up the phone without a case. So off I went to Best Buy. (Of course, you really don’t need a case to set up your phone.)

Home again, with no more excuses, I began the deed.

The first thing I had to decide was how I wanted to do this. You have several choices.

You can set up the phone as a new device (the easiest).

You can set it up from a Cloud backup.

You can set it up through an iTunes backup.

The “new device” approach was not an option for me. I wanted to bring all my settings, contacts, etc, to the new phone. (However, there are those who prefer a “fresh” phone set up. If you are thinking of that, read this.)

Since I wanted to transfer all my old phone stuff to my new phone, I had a choice between the other two options. I could do it through the Cloud, or I could do it through iTunes. Since I only use the Cloud in a limited way, this was not a hard decision at all. I knew I would be using iTunes to set up my new phone.

Once I made sure that my iTunes was current and up to date, it was time to BEGIN!

The first thing I did was plug in my OLD phone into iTunes so that I could have a current backup. I hadn’t done that in quite a while, so it took some time. iTunes wanted to update the software from 7 to 8, but I declined that since that phone was about to be retired.


When the backup was complete, I disconnected my old phone from iTunes. At this point I felt a little panic rising again, but I proceeded with few deep breaths and a lot of self-talk.

I am happy to report …..It was incredibly easy. 🙂

I turned on the new iPhone. It comes already charged, so you don’t have to worry about that.

And after it lights up…….

you simply follow the messages on the screen. The phone will greet you and ask you a few questions (such as your country and choice of language).

And then, to my surprise, it gave me a screen with my phone number. It asked me to confirm. I did…. and …. poof! Through the magic of I-don’t-know-what, my OLD phone suddenly showed “no service” and the NEW phone was activated with my phone number.

At that point, I was instructed to plug it into iTunes (after selecting that as my choice of set up).

And so, plug it in, I did.


There was nothing more for me to do for a while but wait. The iPhone and iTunes communicated perfectly and moved everything onto my new device. At first I was surprised how quickly things were going, but there were also software updates involved, and so I’m guessing the whole thing took about 40 minutes.

Most interesting, is that while the NEW phone was syncing, it rang! Remember, it ‘activated’ with my phone number in the very beginning of the process. And so, I got a call in the middle of the transferring of all the everything 🙂 and I answered it! And had a conversation during the process. Seamless. Flawless. I wasn’t even “out of reach” for any time at all.

The phone does a lot of rebooting and installing with the Apple logo and the long white line. I saw that several times during the process.

I would keep an eye on the phone during the process so that you are SURE it is done, and you don’t disconnect prematurely.

When I was sure it was done, I disconnected.

Almost everything was exactly as I had it set up on the other phone. One or two ringtones were mixed up, but that was all.

My notes, my calendar, my contacts, my music, my pictures …. all transferred perfectly.

I’m happy with my choice to use iTunes to do the deed.

The iPhone 6 Plus is BIG. I knew it was big, but it really is. BIG. Look at this picture. It’s almost as big as my iPad Mini!


My feelings about this bigness and several other observations (and a few glitches) coming soon…… (I just thought it was too much to load into just one blog post!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


11 thoughts on “I did it! I set up my own new iPhone 6 Plus

  1. Congratulations! Mine is supposed to ship the first of November so I still have a bit of waiting. This is my first iPhone so I will be setting it up from scratch. I am so looking forward to getting it and setting it up!

    • I’m excited for you!! You’ll find that a set-up from scratch is really really easy. Then start downloading apps that you can use and enjoy and you’re on your way!! I really depend on my phone for everything. Using it wisely can truly enhance your life. 🙂

    • It is BIG. I mean …. really big. I have lots to say about that (questioning it myself!) and a few glitches to report as well. Nothing major, but just those “getting used to the new way” of things. But as for the size, did I mention……. it’s BIG! 😯

  2. So much fun. I’ve never tried anything like that without the Apple guy standing right next to me! Lately, I can’t figure out how to sync with iTunes. It all looks different. What’s up with that?

    • I think I know what you mean about that. I hadn’t synced in a while, and when I did for the first time after months and months ….. I couldn’t find the syncing screen even after I plugged in my phone! But I learned that the word “iPhone” appears in the upper banner when plugged in, and when I clicked on that, the screen that I was used to appeared. There are some new options on the syncing screen, but I ignored all that. I just wanted the basics moved over, and I’m SO glad I did it that way. Most apps that were full of “stuff” (like a blood pressure list, password keeper, weight tracker, lists of things) all moved over full of the information that I have collected over time. Whew! But I always calm myself knowing that an Apple guy isn’t very far away to help me if I run into trouble. Happily I didn’t need him!

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