My Impressions After One Full Month with my iPhone 6 PLUS

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.10.13 AM

It’s big. (I think I may have mentioned that before 🙂 )

and …

it’s big.

I will admit, when I first got it, I felt a little “off” with it. The phone is so much larger than my last one, that I questioned its portability. I am a person who keeps my phone with me at all times, and this was a legitimate concern.

But after a month of full-time use, I’m happy to report that it fits in all of my regular pockets. My sweatpants, my mom jeans, my jackets and assorted other pocketed clothing all include pockets that are able to easily accommodate this super-sized phone. (so sorry to use the word “pockets” so much. I racked my brain, but could not find a suitable synonym. Pockets pockets pockets.)

In the beginning, as I said, it felt a bit odd. One month later…… not at all. I absolutely love it.

The screen is stunningly beautiful. Everything is clear and sharp and easy to see. Following my blue dot on a map is so much easier, obviously, with a bigger screen.

I have found myself using the phone more often for googling and other internet searching. In the past, I would turn to the internet only if I “had” to when I was out and about. But with this phone, I find myself doing it more, and sometimes even searching on the phone from home, just because it’s so handy, even though I could go to a real screen on my notebook computer. The bigger phone makes it that much easier to see and search.

And READ. You can read on this phone. It is just big enough to make reading comfortable on the device. I’m not just talking about books… but websites as well. I NEVER looked at websites on my smaller phones. But on the iPhone Plus, website-browsing is possible.

And this was a surprise: easy link-touching. On the smaller phone, I would always have to zoom and wiggle a bit so that my finger could appropriately touch and ‘work’ a link. On this PLUS phone, my fingers and the links match perfectly, and I navigate around without any awkwardness.

I’ve had absolutely no issues with the operating system.

The touch id was new to me, because it was not available until the 5S (my last phone was a 5). It took me a little bit of time to get used to it, but now I find it seamlessly perfect, just a fraction of a second pause and my phone unlocks to my touch. (Unless I’ve recently gotten out of the shower. I have learned that wet, prune-like fingerprints are not a match to dry ones. 🙂 )

If there is ONE thing I DON’T like on this phone, it is the location of the sleep/wake button. They moved it over on the side. When I squeeze it, I find that I am simultaneously squeezing the volume buttons on the opposite side … not good. And the side sleep/wake button also makes it a little trickier to do screen shots. Clearly this is not a deal-breaker, but I am still fumbling with that I wish they hadn’t button move.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.54.13 PM

It takes great pictures, but of course, that is nothing new. Look at this lovely sunset that I grabbed through my bedroom window one evening last week.



and again, a few minutes later, as the colors changed ……



All in all….. I’m delighted with my choice of the PLUS phone. Once I get the case that I’ve enjoyed for years on my previous phone (the manufacturer has been slow on the making of this size case) … I’ll have the just-about perfect phone for me.


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


16 thoughts on “My Impressions After One Full Month with my iPhone 6 PLUS

  1. After an uncertain start with the iphone6 plus, you now sound very comfortable with it, indeed, if I were to say “over the moon” I don’t think I’d be overstating the fact!
    As we know, this camera takes great pictures – those sunset photos prove it, and the colours are awesome.

    • I was amazing at the colors in those photos, too. No enhancements whatsoever. They reflect exactly what I saw …. through my window. I love how it changed in just a few minutes.

    • No question about it, the 6Plus is a handful, and takes some getting used to. For most of the month, every single time I picked it up, and spread my fingers wide to get a grasp, I remarked to myself “yikes”. But gradually my glee with the screen is overriding the hand cramps. 🙂 It certainly is NOT for everybody!

  2. Perfect timing. The Husband and I sitting out on the porch at 5pm and you came up in the conversation. So I am thinking, how are you liking the plus. I am thinking for my eyes I might go with the plus.. in our conversation. I see your post just now. I am thinking about getting a new phone tomorrow.. perfect post for me tonight to read.. 😀 Pixtures for instagram a big PLUS! Thank you once again 🙂 Dang.. I can’t get the cover I love on my 5s for a plus.. I will work it out! I will be happy when you get your case and get the perfect phone! Ta Da!!!!

    • I have been “notified” that my case will finally be available in December. I can’t imagine what took them so long. Good luck today when you go shopping. When you wrap your hand around a Plus, you will probably gasp “this is BIG”. I still do that. Lots of pros and cons for both sizes. Good luck when you go shopping today! Let me know how you make out on your adventure. 🙂

  3. Kathy, my daughter and I were investigating the new ipone6 last Friday – she’s a hip girl/woman who enjoys everything tech, so the new (and improved) iPhone was on her agenda. Unfortunately for us Aussies, there was a rush on them initially; we will have to wait until Chrissy, or later, before they become available… (:
    Happy for you, though. 🙂

    • There is a wait here, too, for the 6 Plus, altho I don’t know how long it is at this point. Last I knew it was also about a month. So did you decide on something else? (hi to your daughter!)

      • 😳 Meant to say 6Plus,Kathy!
        Veronica is great – both as a person, and in health – I do adore her… 😉
        No, she currently has the 6, I believe, and would like the 6Plus. Like you she loves all things tech, and I’m looking for something to give her for Chrissy – or put toward a Chrissy present – they are sooooo expensive!

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