Cable or no? What do you do?

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 6.36.13 AMThere are now so very many sources of video entertainment that the options are many.

Netflix, Hulu plus, HBO to go, Amazon prime and others all offer the opportunity to stream your programming rather than connect to cable the (now) old-fashioned way.

( gasp!! Am I really calling cable “old fashioned”? I remember when it was the exciting new alternative to the antennae!!!)

In my house, we are still connected to cable and pay a monthly fee for the privilege. We “bundle.” Cable, internet and a land line phone. The phone, (a now nearly-useless relic) is basically free in the bundle, so we keep that. But if we cut the cable cord, the phone would go, too, and we would only pay for the internet….

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 6.49.49 AMHowever, my husband is a sports fan, and loves to spend his weekends channel-flipping through the football games. This ability is not available through streaming, so we will keep cable until the sports options increase.

We also have a DVR, so we capture programming from all hours, and watch on our own schedule. However, most of the programing we “catch” is also available through apps or streaming.

We do subscribe to Netflix, and stream some of their programs with regularity, and we also have Amazon Prime with more streaming options.

Our television watching habits have changed in that we rarely watch programs as they are broadcast. We never watch “live.” Except for those sports events, we choose our entertainment from the DVR or streaming options.

Now I’m looking at Hulu Plus. They have programming that I know we would enjoy and that is unavailable on the other services. ( UK readers: Hulu Plus has Miranda πŸ™‚ )

But $$ add up. We pay for Netflix, now. I don’t really want to add another $$ without decreasing something else. (and …I must have my Amazon Prime, so that’s not an option to lose πŸ™‚ ).

If it weren’t for the sports, I’d cut the cord. But for now we stay connected.

Hulu Plus is beckoning me, though. Anyone have experience with that service?


What do you do? I’m guessing that older people are hanging on to their cable out of habit and younger folks are cutting the cord.

Care to share?

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17 thoughts on “Cable or no? What do you do?

  1. I’d love to cut out cable, but Verizon can’t tell me what it would cost to have the Internet only and I haven’t taken the time to chase down other providers to see if they price Internet separately. I can’t have satellite (a dish actually), so this may be it for now.


  2. I had a subscription to Hulu Plus for a while and watched a few shows that I couldn’t get on plain Hulu. (For my limited income I couldn’t see paying for the little I got out of it.) I’ve done Netflix twice, but my wifi network tells me I’ve gone over the allotted hours they allow everyone. You get two warnings and then have to pay EXTRA!! Like what, they run out of wifi???? The ABSOLUTE best thing I’ve found for free on the net that is only for TV shows is because you can watch each series they have starting with season 1, episode 1, until the show has either ended or you get caught up to the current episode. The weekly shows I watch are usually put up about an hour after they’ve aired on TV. They don’t carry all shows I’d like to see — ones I’ve caught enough of a glimpse that I’d like to watch from beginning to current — but they add more shows from time to time. Outside the US the .ch is different, like .com, .eu, etc. You have to mute some ads surrounding the video screen, which is easily done and a few pop-up ads come on as you’re clicking to start the video, but they’re easily x’d out of. Little hassle for great service!!! Plus they have instructions all over each tab that you hit — some work better than others and I don’t know what to call them, but they’re access to different ways to get the show to your computer or whatever you’re using. As long you take the time to read all the instructions on the screen, it’ll be no hassle at all to watch what you want to watch.

    I also have to say with so many different sports around the earth and so many fans of all the sports — even America is into soccer!! — I’m quite taken aback that there are no sports apps. Next to games, I thought it would come in second place!! Good grief!! Maybe the sporting community owners don’t want to let go of their full ownership to anyone for any reason. Not even to rent it!!

    • Wow… thanks for that info!! I never heard of cokeandpopcorn before, and you can be sure that as soon as I finish, here, I’ll be on my way to check that out! Sounds pretty darn good. And you are so right about sports. He can catch an individual game here and there on the internet, but it is the “flipping” thing that seems so important to the football-addict. Sorry that you “ran out of wifi”. That has to be frustrating! 😦

  3. We have cable, much to my dismay. The service stinks – we have two different providers one rhyming with Horizon and one with – Ah, is there a rhyming word for Comcast – 😁 Anywho – they both are stinkola. But we hang in because of sports mostly. The bills are stupid expensive for the crummy service and some day I’ll get the nerve to cut the cable cord! And the commercials?!?!? Don’t get me started. They should be ashamed of themselves!

    • yes, yes, and YES. I sure do agree!! We have two providers in our area, also, and one of them is purely local (still hanging on….. I keep expecting them to get swallowed up by the big boys). I use the local guy, which means when you have to “pick your provider” on an app to prove you have cable, my guy is seldom listed … too obscure. The only reason we keep cable is for sports. When the day comes that there is an alternative…. snip snip snip. πŸ™‚

  4. We have Dish out here in the country and it is the only choice. We also have an antenna on the roof for when Dish misbehaves. I went and looked at phones and couldn’t bring myself to give up my 5s. I thought both the new iPhone 6s were BIG. The Plus definitely too big for me and the 6 a bit big too. I have phone woe.. :/

  5. We have our phone, internet and TV bundled. Hubby has to be able to watch sports and the Western channel. Me I watch movies on Netflix and rarely watch TV. I would be happy with just the cell phone and internet. I have never tried Hulu Plus. Hugs

    • My husband is the same way. He needs his sports! And I chuckled when you said the “western channel”….. that is often on in this house, too. The Oldies …. Lone Ranger, etc. He often has that on. πŸ™‚

  6. Basic cable with no premium stuff, Amazon prime (streaming) which we use only occasionally, Giam TV subscription (streaming). That’s it. Not that into TV.

    • No premium stuff for us either, and I seriously would love to just dump the cable all together. We really don’t use it at all (except for the sports stuff). I just looked at Gaiam …. oh, my! That is new to me, but looks like something I would really enjoy. Thank you for pointing me to that!!

    • Ha! We share more than just our first name! We have watched probably everything available that is British produced. Currently enjoying Inspector Lewis, Murder at Pemberley, Last Tango in Halifax… I could go on and on and on. And there is a Sarah Lancashire show on Netflix that was also good… Happy Valley. Oh!! and Doc Martin ! (love Doc Martiin) …. (I’ll stop now). πŸ™‚

  7. I’m a cable girl with the cable dvr which is a little more expensive in the bundle sense but now I just click through and record the shows/series/movies that I want to see but don’t have the time at the moment. It’s a great addition.

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