8 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: How Smart is your Smartphone?

  1. I have no idea if my phone is a smart phone.
    I can get the internet.
    I can get e-mail.
    Neither of which I use.
    I use it to receive calls, and, sometimes I even make a call.
    And it is a great alarm clock.
    That is enough for this old girl.

    • You use it “just right.” Whatever suits you …. makes it perfect. There is lots of “stuff” I don’t use, either. I think the perfect use of these devices is to use them in whatever way enhances our own life. And it sounds like you have found your own perfect “spot.”

  2. My smartphone isn’t all that smart. (It isn’t really mine. It’s my husband’s. He got a new one and I’ve had his old one since last summer.) Anyway driving cross country with my sister, her dumb phone made the time changes right as we crossed the line into a new time zone. My iphone on the other hand, while it found mountain time without too much delay, it took 3 days to change to central time and we were settled into our destination long past the zone line by then.

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