Are Your Passwords on this List?

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Every year, Splashdata publishes a list of the “worst passwords,” and this year’s list was announced a few days ago.

The number ONE worst password? “123456”

The word “password” has topped the chart for a while, but was unseated last year by “123456.” The very-bad-choice-of-a-password……. “password” …… remains at number 2 for this list.

I assume no one reading this blog is using either of these two passwords (am I right?)
are you guilty of using any of the others on this list?

Take a look…. and give a thought to your own password safety. A safe password should have a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols. It should not contain personal information. You should have unique passwords for different accounts. And, you should change your password often.

Worst Passwords 2014

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8 thoughts on “Are Your Passwords on this List?

  1. My passwords befuddle me! And don’t you find it hard going from laptop(if you do) to iPhone keyboard.. my brain cells just die when I go to type. I must have some kind of rhythm thing going on and it gets all discombobulated switching keyboards!

    • I feel your pain. I really truly hate the whole password thing. I feel like my password life is nothing but chaos. I can remember nothing (my memory is poor … maybe that’s why I depend on my iPhone so much). Switching keyboards…. a problem. Heck, just switching websites is a problem for me! 🙂 I would love to have just one universal password. But I know that’s a never-do.

  2. Me too. List a mile long. Many moons ago I went to secretarial school (do they still exist?) and I was Lightening McCourt on the keyboard for a long time. Fast forward to iPhones and iPads and now I’m ruined I tell you! Ruined!!! Can’t type worth a darn! Plus my laptop doesn’t autocorrect! Oh the humanity!!!

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