“Words of Astonishment” don’t cut it for the new Apple sales numbers

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.15.47 PMI tried to think of “words of astonishment” to adequately express my …. uh …. astonishment at one of the numbers that Apple released this week.

“Holy Cow!” << not strong enough

“Holy Mackerel!” << sounds like a flashback to decades ago

“Good Heavens!” << too tame

“Holy Smokes!” << ( interesting sidebar: lots of these phrases contain the word “holy”.)

“Great Caesar’s Ghost!” << I think this comes from Perry White of Superman fame

“Goodness Gracious” << wayyyyyy too calm

I give up.

I can’t find a phrase to adequately express my astonishment.

For what, you ask?

For this astounding fact that Apple released a few days ago:

(read slowly, now, to digest this, fully)

For the last quarter (that’s THREE MONTHS), Apple sold 34,000 iPhones an HOUR.


That’s 34 THOUSAND iPhones EVERY HOUR!!!

I just can’t get my head around that number. 😯

If you have any words of astonishment that suits …. I would appreciate it. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


21 thoughts on ““Words of Astonishment” don’t cut it for the new Apple sales numbers

  1. Good grief a-gosh a-mighty!! Jumpin’ Jehosephat!! I cannot fathom that amount!! You’d think they’d lower their prices, but . . . nah, the money-grubbin’ greedy goobers!! HA!! I was just showing off in the last part of that sentence!! 😀

  2. And those numbers are perhaps part of the reason the “brilliant” folks at WP are messing with the WP format!!!!!!! As brilliant as they think they are the fact that 1 format canNOT accommodate both a pc and a mobile unit!!!!! (Sorry, you can see my head is somewhere else!!!!!)……………………

    • “Dang” <<<< ooooo….. that word brings back some memories. Someone in my past used that word ALL the time! Funny how a simple thing like a word can trigger a memory.

      • All the time could get old.. 🙂 Hope it isn’t one of those “get on your last nerve” kind of things. I can’t believe how reading other people’s blogs triggers memories for me. It’s one of the things I love about blogging… well the good memories 😉

  3. Eish! A local South African expression – which covers everything from absolute astonishment (applicable in this case) to a kind of a heavy sighed despondent resignation to rolling your eyes and pulling a face when someone is just being absolutely ridiculous 🙂

  4. PS – the boss was part of this statistic – just transitioned from Samsung to iphone 6 and thinks it is the best thing in the whole wide world. The thing that tickles him most is that he can voice command the thing to e-mail and text ‘Fioramont’ (pronounced by Siri as Fire-a-monty’ – which makes the boss laugh even harder) – as if my inbox wasn’t crazy enough 🙂

    • ha!! I believe I read somewhere about a large number of android users transitioning over to the iPhone. (If you can hijack his phone, there is a way to “teach” Siri how to pronounce things correctly, but then again, I guess it’s a good idea to keep the boss happy. And if he enjoys Fire-a-monty, well ……. so be it!) Silly Siri. 🙂

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