Very Weird: Ants Respond to Cell Phone Ringing

This is WEIRD. When the video starts, you see the ants running randomly in every direction.

Then … the phone starts ringing.

And then the ants start circling the phone. All together. In the same direction. Weird!!!! …..and, uh … why????

If you were to ask me before I watched it, I would have thought the ringing might make the ants scatter. Certainly not this?

(Update: I continued to look into this, and I’ve seen reports on the internet from those who claim that this video is a hoax, and others who “scientifically” suggest that the ants are responding to the vibration and point to ant studies of similar behavior. So far, the jury is out …. real or hoax? to be continued…..)

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.17.31 AM


16 thoughts on “Very Weird: Ants Respond to Cell Phone Ringing

        • Congratulations! What wonderful news! (the grandchild, not the phone 🙂 ) Your son and dil are correct. You now NEED a smart phone. You are going to be texting, and taking lots of pictures, and sharing it all ….. and the phone is the tool you’ll need. As for ATT, I’ve used them for years, and I’ve been satisfied with our service. We just drove across the country and back and I was surprised at the limited bits of interruption. Yes indeed ….. you’ll use maps, and photos, and texting, and then you’ll be surprised at all the stuff you’ll do that you didn’t know you’d be doing!!! So, my advice …. especially with the new grand baby….. unlimited texting with pics. You’ll be using that a LOT. IF you have wifi in your house, your phone will connect to that at home, reducing the amount of data you’ll need. Sometimes you just need to choose a data plan and monitor it to see if you need more (or less). I was delighted to learn that when I ran low on data during our travels, ATT notified me as I got close to my limit, and told me that I would be charged an extra $10 for another hunk of data when I hit my limit. I did, and it was flawless. And, I thought, fair. So …….. you want the ability to text and share pictures (unlimited) and enough data to do the job (you can always change this).
          Let me know what you decide. Adventures ahead!!! 🙂

    • I dunno ….. and now I’m questioning if it’s real or not. I’ve seen some arguments that discuss the action of the ants scientifically, and others who claim it’s a fraud. I’ll keep an eye out…..

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