Weekend Distraction: The Living Room Candidate

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 8.03.10 AMPolitics. Sigh.

The US Election for President is OVER A YEAR away and already we have 24/7 coverage of the candidates.

Good grief. Does anyone else think that’s crazy?
But I digress…….

Even if politics is not your ‘thing’, it’s quite interesting to look back through the years, all the way to 1952, to see the Presidential Campaign Commercials. There are many commercials available to watch for EVERY candidate, winners and losers.

The early ones are especially fun to watch. So very VERY different from today.

Enjoy! The Living Room Candidate – Commercials.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.17.31 AM

7 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: The Living Room Candidate

  1. Well, I find it interesting that the commercials from 1956 were not any more informative about the candidate than they are today. . .curious. The thing that was appealing about the 1956 ad is that there was a catchy tune and we saw the candidates name A LOT. I think I’ll let Bernie know. . .it worked for IKE, might work for BERNIE too 🙂

  2. I remember an episode of The West Wing when a character complained that campaigning started 18 months in to a president’s first term.

    We don’t have that here; I wonder if that’s because our politics is less divisive? The vitriol between the Democrats and Republicans is horrible to witness as outsiders; I can’t imagine what it’s like for Americans. Was it always like that?

    • It is horrible to witness as an American, as well. Just horrid. The whole process appears broken. No…. it wasn’t always like this. I remember when candidates would disagree, but once the election was over, they would put their differences aside and go to work. Elections were actually fun and respectful. Now the goal (literally) is to stop the other party from doing anything. It seems like everyone is angry all the time. Politicians, talking heads, all shouting and spouting meanness. Very very sad.

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