An Update about Updating to iOS9…..

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.00.00 AMSo ……. I still have not updated to the next iOS system. And for those of you who are not techy, and happy enough with the way your phone is working, I recommend that you wait a bit longer, too.


Well, apparently, as usual, there are bugs. But a few of these bugs are a bit more challenging than the typical variety of inconvenience. THIS time, your iPhone could crash during the install (requiring a full restore 😯 ) and another “helpful” change is messing with people’s data plans.

Interesting, too, was the impact of this update on this blog. Usually gets about 500+ hits a day. Suddenly, after the update was released, the daily hits nearly doubled. I could not understand why, but I did see that most of the hits were landing here because of a search for turning off game center pop ups. Apparently that is another issue with the new update …. a very pesky pop up.

I’m going to wait a while longer. I have done a full restore before (more about that on another blog post to come) but I would certainly rather avoid a full restore, so…… waiting.

Bottom line: For me, and the rest of you regular folks who like to USE your smartphone, but NOT tinker with it, I suggest you do nothing right now.

Yes, I am going to wait a bit longer to update, and to Gina, Mona, Trudi, et al. …… if you haven’t done it already, I suggest you wait, too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.17.31 AM

13 thoughts on “An Update about Updating to iOS9…..

  1. I have had no issues at all!!! I do not do any games on any of my devices so that eliminates some problems (tech devices always have a way of sending you activities to the appropriate places to elicit ads!) AND, when I did an uninstall (a while back) and I was on the phone with an Apple tech, he asked me if I had done the irritating update via my WiFi. I said yes. He informed me that doing it with WiFi is not always a smooth download (there is a lag time to when it actually gets to the device and this “hiccup” can mess with the download and create MAJOR problems!). This last download, to ios9, was done with my phone right next to our WiFi source. The download went smoothly and, thus far, no problems. Just my experience, based on tech advice!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, I updated and all is well, on both my iPhone and iPad. That being said, my Dad’s iPad experienced a total meltdown and he (I) had to have it totally restored. Good news: his contacts and calendar remained intact. Lucky him!

    • Your experience is exactly what drives me crazy …… smooth as silk for you, meltdown for him. I wonder why it is such a different experience for different people?? Congrats to you, my sympathies to him.

  3. Michele says:

    I wish you would have said this last week ;(. All my calendar events have disappeared. I really hate these updates that just add more junk I don’t want or use and ruin the things I do.

    • Oh my goodness…… your calendar events disappeared? That’s horrible. I do hope they magically reappear for you, maybe with a reboot? I have to agree with you on these updates. Every once in a while something comes along that I like (for instance, the Do Not Disturb feature that was added a while back). But USUALLY, it’s just a stress-producer!

    • Even the small sample of comments on this post shows how random the issues can be. We have people who have updated with no problems at all, and others with significant issues. There is nothing wonderful in this update as far as I can tell, and so for now I’m going with the old adage “if it ain’t broke….. ” Congrats to your husband, tho! If he has the magic touch, maybe when the time comes, you should hand your phone over to him for the update. 🙂

  4. I didn’t do the update because I was getting my new 6s a few days later. Yay. A friend of mine jumped on the update immediately and ended up at the Apple Store with nothing but the symbol for the iTunes Store and a picture of a USB cord on his phone. Yikes!

    • Experiences like the one your friend had is the precise reason I’m so slow to pull the trigger. Just reading through the comments for this post I see stories of many folks with issues. I’ll wait. Apple usually puts out several updates to their update (they have one, already) as they attempt to fix the issues. I feel no rush! Congrats on your new phone!!!

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