Future Tech to make Smaller Screens Practical: SkinTrack

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.57.20 AM
I’ve never been good at “seeing” the future.

80’s me: (to my son, sitting at his Commodore 64) “What are you doing?”

Son: “Leaving a message on a computer bulletin board. If another computer dials in, they can read the message … and then leave one for me!!”

80’s me: “What’s the use of that?”


Yes, that was me, dissing the whole possibility of the internet. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t see it.

So, it is with open eyes from that lesson learned that I look at this new fangled invention: SkinTrack.

SkinTrack is a way of using your skin as a touch screen.

So, if “future you” has an Apple watch on your wrist, and the screen is just too darned small to tap on things, with SkinTrack you’ll just use your skin as the touch screen.

Small screens can be difficult to tap on, yet small devices are popular. Obviously the inventors of SkinTrack see this as a way of solving the small screen problem.

It boils down to this: The user wears a ring. The ring communicates with the device as you move your finger around on your arm. It even works if your arm is covered with clothing.

So will this become a real thing? A common thing? Don’t ask me. I didn’t see the whole internet brouhaha as any more than a curiosity.

(if you’d like to learn more, here’s a link with a detailed video: SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into a Touch Screen )

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.23.26 PM

9 thoughts on “Future Tech to make Smaller Screens Practical: SkinTrack

  1. Kathy! Why not? I’m over it! Nothing ‘really’ surprises me now. I believe anything we can imagine, will happen (internet/tech wise). Well, honestly now, maybe I’m slightly impressed..! 😉
    Just kidding I think you’ve guessed. It’s all happening so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Just saw on the news this evening – there’s a new cover for smart phones that you can hit with a hammer, throw from a high place, drop onto hard surfaces, and even use the smart phone (with said cover) to hammer a nail; all without harming the phone… What’s next? The mind boggles… 🙂

    • I agree with you. I never take this stuff for granted. Maybe it’s my age? Living most of my life in a pre-internet world, I just find all of this mind-blowing every single day. Just like now ….. here I am ‘chatting’ with you on the other side of the world. It’s all amazing to me.

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