All Things Kindle

Here you will find links to all things Kindle that have been posted on this blog.

Although you can also find them by clicking on Kindle in the Category menu, this title list gives you another (easier) option to sort through the titles.

Reading eBooks: Kindle, iPad or iPhone? Why Not All Three?

Kindle App on Your iPad, iPhone: Synchronization and Sharing With A Group

Dear Dinosaur: Don’t Be Afraid to Try an eReader

Crumbling Kindle Cord, Oh, My!

Replacing Hotel Bibles with Kindles: An Experiment in the UK

Special eBook Deals for Kindle Reading (on a Kindle OR through a Kindle App)

Twee? huh? Kindle’s Built-In Dictionary to the Rescue

Wrap Up An eBook Gift Card: Coming to Target This Weekend

Sharing a Kindle Account: How to Make a Group

iPad Mini: Will It Douse the Kindle Fire?

Renting College eTextbooks: Save $ and Save Your Back

How to Get Book Samples: Fabulous, Fun and FREE

Yes, You Can! Return A Kindle eBook

Amazon Press Conference: Something’s Coming, Rumors Buzzing

Kindle App for iPad Gets an Update

New Kindles Announced by Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite is On The Way: “Head of the E-Reader Pack”

My First Impressions of the Kindle Paperwhite: It’s a Keeper!

How to Gift a Kindle Book

How to Set Up Multiple Email Accts on Your New Kindle Fire

How to Buy a Kindle Book without a Kindle (for your iPhone or iPad)

Where are my Kindle books? How to Find Them and Move Them.

Find the Free Kindle Books You Want with Free Books Sifter

How to Lock the View Mode in your Kindle App on your iPhone

Borrowing Books from your Local Library … for your Kindle!

Get Notified When the Kindle Book You Want DROPS in Price: eReaderIQ

Another Great Book Search Tool for your Kindle: BookGorilla

My Favorite Feature of eReaderIQ

A Brief Look at Kindle Highlights (part one: Popular Highlights)

A Brief Look at Kindle Highlights (part two: How to Highlight as you Read your Book)

Kindle App just keeps getting better and better!

How to Loan a Kindle Book

9 thoughts on “All Things Kindle

  1. Sharechare I absolutely LOVE MY KINDLE!!! I’m shopping deprived so it’s great to go shopping at Amazon, download samples of books and free books. Love your blog and your enthusiasm with which you share your knowledge about techno gizmos! Will read this section to learn more.

    • Oh, Sonja, I am just like you! I am always grabbing samples of books. I have pages and pages of them! I LOVE that feature and use it ALL the time. Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot. 🙂

  2. My Tropical Home says:

    Ah, I wish I had seen this a few days ago. It took me 2 hours to sort out my Kindle app. I’m bookmarking this now.

    Nice site!


  3. Denie morgan says:

    Help please i have a library over 1000 and a new pc, how do i know what i’ve read? do i have to download all the books again or what also have this problem on my kindle and kindle fire, as i’ve been reading on a tablet pc. Just confused now.

    • Oh dear….. I feel your pain!! Many people have had this problem, and one of them is me!! You need a system that works for you to keep track of what you’ve read. Amazon invented “collections” to help u sort the books in any way you like. Personally, that never worked for me. My system: When I buy books, they get sent to one device only (I named her Olive). I also download books to other devices, but Olive is my “main” kindle. When I FINISH a book, I delete it from Olive. So Olive ONLY contains books I am currently reading or have yet to read. As backup info for me, I also record each book I finish on Goodreads. That way, a list exists of books I’ve read. Amazon has made collections easier by adding the ability to mark a book right in your list of digital content, but I still prefer my system. If you don’t have a system, I urge you to start one now. If you’re like me, those books will keep piling up!

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