4 thoughts on “iOS8

    • That’s a great link … and I’ve got several of those things cued up in my list for future posts. When I first learned about the level, I ran around the house testing spots. I always thought that one room was a little off-kilter, but to my happy surprise, with the help of the iPhone level, I learned that it is just fine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!!

      • Al says:

        I haven’t run around yet, but I will do soon. I know when I had an altimeter app, I would stand up and sit down seeing how much difference there was lol

  1. Sue says:

    (Whoops, I posted this somewhere else on your site, but I think this is probably the more appropriate place.). Absolutely love this site, and you’re always so helpful, so, I’m back with yet another question! I recently installed iOS 8x and now I can’t print. Are others having this problem? My HP8600 pro premium, all-in-one printed wirelessly (is that a word?) and now my iPad can’t find the printer! Argh! Any suggestions? I’ve searched Apple and HP forums, but all I see are similar complaints!

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