Opportunity for a Catch Up

I won’t be able to post on this blog for a few days. New followers might find this a good opportunity to catch up with some earlier posts, especially if you are looking for “how to’s”.

I’m going to select a few that I think might be particularly helpful and add the links, but you can always find posts through the sidebar and/or the archives. There are many more “how to’s” in addition to the ones I am linking to, so if you are so inclined, just scroll through the back posts.

Be back, shortly! 🙂

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How to Bold, Underline, or Italicize Your Email on Your iPad or iPhone

photo credit: FontFont via photo pin cc

Yes, you can! You can express yourself in the email you send from your iPad or iPhone.

You can take a word or phrase, underline it, italicize it, or emphasize it in bold-ness goodness.

Bold, Underline, Italics ….. but where are they hiding?

Here is how you find these options:

Open a new email as though you are about to write a message.

Write a sample sentence for yourself. I’ll use this one: “Why do psychics ask your name?”

Touch the word “name” and you will see a magnifier pop up, and then a bar with the words “Select, Select All, and Paste”. Touch the word “Select”.

The word “name” will turn blue and above it another bar appears. This time the bar says “Cut, Copy, Paste, Suggestions”. Notice the arrow on the right side of the bar.

Tap that arrow.

You now see “BIU” . Touch that, and your options of “Bold, Italics, and Underline” become clear. Tap on any of the three options and your word will now be cloaked in the emphasis of your choice. You can choose one, two or all three options.

This bar will remain on the screen until you dismiss it by tapping on a blank spot of the email to make it disappear.