Cookie Motivation: Martha Stewart Makes Cookies Free + Free Recipe Packs

Photo Skitch Document-4One of the most glorious uses for the iPad is recipes. Food photography is stunning, and when coupled with great recipes, you’ve got a winner.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies used to be a $5 app. I thought that was too pricey, and so I avoided it. Until now.

Because now they have made it FREE, AND …. for a limited time ….. the in-app recipe packs (including Holiday cookies) are also FREE.

I downloaded it, and the extra recipe packs as well, and if everything tastes even half as good as it looks, I’ll be happy. The photos are awesome.

When you open the app, slide to the right for 8 pages of cookies. Just tap on any mouth-watering cookie for the recipe.

However, it can be a little tricky to find the extra recipe packs. Here is how you find them:

From any page, look down to the bottom left, and tap on the cookie+ sign. The recipe packs will pop up. Then slide to the right and you will see two extra cookie packs, Sugar & Spice and Holiday. These are usually available for $$, but for now they are FREE.

Photo Skitch Document-3

Photo Skitch Document-2

The app is loaded with extras, as well. It’s not all recipes.

There are helpful videos, a timer, baking tips, and instructions for a large number of packages that you can make for gifting your cookies. Creative and beautiful, every one.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies is Free in the iTunes store. There is a version for the iPad (described above) and another version for the iPhone.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies for the iPad.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies for the iPhone.


Food Safety: What to Save and What to Throw Out

This photo was taken with an iPhone 5 (this is a tech blog, after all).

This was the view in a local Target, yesterday.

You are looking at one row of freezers. There about 5 rows of freezers and they all looked like this.


The power was off for a while, and food spoils.

Grocery stores, school districts, restaurants and individual families are all finding themselves in the awful situation of trashing mass quantities of food in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

It is tempting to hold on to some things. But there is no “maybe”. Better to be safe than sorry. Toss it!!!

Personally I don’t think I’ll be eating in a restaurant for a little while, making sure that when I do I won’t be served any “we kept this because we thought it might be ok” kind of food.

I decided to test Siri and see how good she would be at finding such important information.

I asked Siri “what food can I keep when the electricity goes out?”

She gave me a surprisingly good number of websites to explore.

I asked her in several other ways, sometimes specifying a particular type of food, and each time she delivered slightly different results. All quite good and relevant to the question.

You don’t have to participate in a Superstorm to have power-outage troubles. Probably everyone experiences this at one time or another.

Here is a link to a very thorough list for Food Safety. There are clear instructions on what you can save and what you have to toss.

Slide down the page for detailed “When to Save and When to Throw It Out”

Great information for us all!

Weekend Distraction: Enjoy Browsing Through These Food Network Recipes

I often share a word game or puzzle app of some sort for the Weekend Distraction, but this week, I’m sharing something a little different. I recently downloaded this app from the Food Network, and I find myself drawn back to it again and again.

Distracting, it is! And inspiring… this app makes me want to, uh, make stuff! 🙂 🙂

You can sort by Chefs, and by Collections, with special Holiday suggestions thrown in.

Here is the current page of Halloween suggestions, with “devilish desserts”, “sinister snacks” and “spooky suppers”. This makes me wish my children were young again, what fun this would be!

There are many Collections to explore: Italian, Brunch, Appetizers, Kid-Friendly, Vegetarian, Quick & Easy, Fan Favorites, Healthy .. and more.

Here I pulled up a recipe for Lasagna Rolls. Each recipe is coupled with a photo, and complete recipe goodness. You also have the opportunity to read reviews for the recipe, and another tab allows you to add your own notes.

You can also change the font size. This is extra helpful if you are using your iPad in the kitchen and you want to read the recipe from a distance. There are also a large number of instructional videos to help you learn new skills or polish old ones.

And there are tools. Converters and timers.

I really enjoy the timers. You have multiple timers to help you manage multiple dishes. This is hugely helpful when planning a large family meal or dinner party.

Food Network In the Kitchen is $1.99 in the iTunes store.