Banish a Text from your Screen with a single Swipe

Sometimes when you are using your iPhone, a text message pops in.

And when the text message appears at the top of your screen, as a banner notification, you want it gone … immediately.

You can wait for it to go away, but it will sit there for a few seconds, and there are times when those few seconds are just too long. For example, the banner completely covers the search box when you are using a map, so you could be in the middle of typing when a text pops in.

It’s good to know that you can banish that text from your screen with a single swipe.

If you have iOS7, just swipe UP.
(earlier versions of iOS, swipe right to left)

Gone! Swish!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

How to Move From Open App to Open App with One Swipe on Your iPad

photo credit: chrisinplymouth via photo pin cc

One of the coolest things about the iPad is the gestures. Previously we talked about the “four-or-five finger squish” (read about this here) and the the “four-or-five finger push-up or push-down” to open and close the running app bar (read about this here).

There is another gesture for your handful of fingers. This works with four or five fingers, and on the iPad only, not the iPhone (the iPhone’s screen is too small for so many fingers.)

The purpose of this gesture is to move from an open app to another open app without having to tap your way through the “close > navigate to the next app > open” sequence. This is awesomely helpful if you are working with two or three open apps and want to go back and forth between the them.

Here is how you do it.

Let’s practice with two apps that came with your iPad.

Tap to open the Maps app. Now close it.

Tap to open the Photos app. Now close it.

Go back and open the Maps app again. Place four or five fingers on the screen and swipe to the left.

Here comes the open app, Photos, from the right. (If you swipe again, you’ll see the last app you had open before you tried this trick).

Now swipe back in the other direction, and you have returned to Maps. Spend a moment flipping back and forth. You can see how easy it is to move between your open apps. Try again with two apps of your choice.

This may not be a gesture you’ll need often, but when the day comes that you need to work with two or more apps, this gesture will be golden.

Two Gestures You Probably Don’t Know About on Your iPad

photo credit: ciro@tokyo via photo pin cc

Previously in this blog, I bubbled on about the four-or-five finger squish to close an app rather than using the Home Button. You can read about that here. Another is here.

There are other tasks that your four-or-five fingers can do on the iPad, as well. These do not work on the iPhone (that screen is too small), but on the iPad, these gestures are great.

Until now, you probably viewed your “running apps” by clicking the Home Button twice, and having the line-up appear at the bottom of the screen. No more! Save that Home Button the effort, and just use your fingers.

Here is how you do it: Place four (or five) fingers on the screen. Now > push them UP. Poof! You have just exposed the running icons at the bottom of the screen.

Gesture number 2 is a simple reverse of number 1. To return to the regular screen, and hide those running icons, just place your four (or five) fingers on the screen, and push DOWN. All gone.

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: How to Protect your Home Button

You check the weather.  Click.   You check your email.  Click.   You play a turn of Words with Friends.  Click.   You read a blog,  update your Facebook, look at a map … click click click click.    All this activity, and your home button on your iPad gets quite a workout.

While a home button is a sturdy little fellow,  it can get sticky over time and extended use.   I know of several people who developed significant issues with their home button,  and this severely impacts the iPad experience.   How can you get lost in your device if you have trouble switching between apps?   You are “interrupted”,  delayed,  and,  well,  you are sad.

Happily, the iPad has a gesturing function that you can use to protect that home button by using it less frequently.

Here is how:

Open an app.    Enjoy it.    Now,  when you are ready to close that app,  instead of going to the home button,  open your fingers wide and gently place all of your fingers on the screen.  Quickly bring them together,  dragging them across the screen.    POOF!    App closed!

Remembering to do this will keep your iPad home button happy and healthy for a long, long time. Other home-button saving gestures are discussed here and here.