How to Narrow your Google Image Searches

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.54.12 PMI am always amazed at the power of Google. Type in almost anything and you have your answer in seconds.

I took an online course last year on Google searching. My purpose in taking the course was to experience an on-line course….NOT to learn how to search on Google. Oh, no. I thought I knew that. Silly, silly, me. There is SO much more to google searching than meets the eye. It is truly astounding. Much of what I learned I’ll never use, but some things are quite helpful. (Gradually I’ll include some of these things on this blog… like today. 🙂 )

Almost anything you search for can be refined. Let’s look at a search for Astronauts.

If you google “astronauts,” and click on “Images”, you get a page that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.25.10 PM

Now click on “search tools.” A new row of options appear.

Select “type,” and a drop down menu unfolds.

Tap “faces,” and your images are suddenly limited to just the faces of astronauts.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.24.55 PM

Perhaps you would like to see some clip art of astronauts?

Simply select “clip art,” and this is what you get:

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.24.34 PM

another choice is “line drawing”

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.40.36 PM

Narrowing your choices can save you a lot of time sorting through unwanted images.

Try it yourself with a search or two.

You’ll feel magically powerful in your image-searching ability. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


How to Make an Icon for your Most-Used Bookmarks on your iPad or iPhone

Over the last several years, “throwback Thursday” has become quite popular.

Although it is really supposed to be about nostalgia (like old photos), I thought I’d stretch the point, and occasionally post an old (but updated!) “how to” on Thursdays, for the benefit of the many new-device-users who have joined our blog.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.39.32 AMI have LOTS of bookmarks on Safari, but it isn’t that easy to access them. You have to drill down a bit to get to what you want to see.

So, for those websites that I visit often, I skip the whole book-mark thing, and make icons for my home screen, instead.

This way, when I want to visit a favorite website, all I have to do is tap the icon.

How to Make an Icon for your Most-Used Bookmarks

Just go to the site of your choice, like “”. Look to the upper left hand corner and tap on the ‘action’ box.

From Skitch-6


After tapping the arrow-box, you will see several choices. Select “add to home screen”.


From Skitch-7


Finally, select “add”.


From Skitch-8

All done!!

You now have a new icon on your home screen. Just tap it whenever you want to go to your favorite website. Enjoy this quick and handy option (instead of drilling down through your bookmarks).

From Skitch-9

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

Ask Siri to Open your Apps

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.16.14 PM
When I first got my iPhone (and then my iPad), I learned about the ‘search’ feature, and thought it was extremely silly and unnecessary. After all, I thought, all you have to do is just glance over your apps and touch the one you want to open. How hard is that?

Well, fast forward several years, and my devices are now LOADED with apps, folders full of apps and pages full of folders. I’ll admit that I’ve used the search feature many times to find a particular app that was hiding deep in some folder.

(if you need a refresher on how to search your device, just click here.)

But now I’ve found an even easier way to open an app that I can’t find……

I just ask Siri to do it! Easy, breezy.

Just ask her: “Open ‘name of app‘”. The device will close the black Siri screen, briefly flash a page of apps, and then open the particular app that you asked for. Like magic. 🙂

Try it!

Ask Siri to “Open Pandora” or “Open Words with Friends” or whatever other app you’d like to try.

Thank you, Siri. I’ll never have to hunt for anything on my iPhone or iPad, again. From Millan.Net

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM

New Year’s Resolutions? Streaks can help keep you motivated

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 6.47.23 PMDid you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

Among the most popular resolutions are exercising, eating right, and losing weight. But maybe you chose something else? Are you going to try to stop smoking? Are you starting a blog? Or maybe you are going to write a novel and have promised yourself some writing time every day?

One of the simplest things you can do …and the most motivating…. is to X off your successful days on a calendar.

Keep up a streak! And then track your streak with this app: Streaks – Motivational Calendar

You can have several calendars going at once. Just tap a day to mark it. You can easily toggle between calendars, take notes and keep track of your streaks.

It’s simple. And effective.

Please excuse my screen shots of their screen shots, but my personal streaks for 2014 are just getting started! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 7.05.31 PM

I enjoy apps designed to help me improve myself, and this app has not been a disappointment (altho I think the price is just a tad too high).

Streaks for your iPhone or iPad is $1.99 in the iTunes store

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How to Clear out Stored Website Data on your iPhone with iOS7

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.03.49 AMWhenever you visit a website on your iPhone, data will be stored.

The purpose?

As I understand it, this is mostly done so that you have faster loading times when you visit that website again.

But storing data fills up space. I never, ever cleared this out before, but after reading about it I decided to give it a try and I was astounded at all the data that was sitting there. I did a full sweep and dumped it all.

How to Delete the Stored Website Data on your iPhone with iOS7:

Go to Settings > Safari


Now go way way down to the bottom and click on Advanced


At this point, you’ll see the option to tap on Website Data


Now you get to see all the space that the stored data is taking up.

IF you want to delete it, just scroll all the way down to the bottom and “delete all website data.”

(Or you can delete them individually, as well, by sliding your finger from right to left.)

I was astounded at the length of my list. I emptied it. I probably won’t do it again for a long long time, because I don’t think it was causing any problems whatsoever.

But I’m glad I know how to do it IF I want to do it.

And now you do, too. 🙂

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Empty your Wallet with Key Ring

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 3.45.01 PM Every once in an app comes along that can be really truly helpful to simplify your life. Yes …. Simplify. Your. Life. 🙂

This is one of those apps.

Let’s back up a bit. Do you have any reward cards? Loyalty cards? I sure do. It seems like every single store that I frequent is now using some kind of card system. These are the cards that sometimes offer you points toward merchandise, or discounts, or coupons based on your buying history.

Over the years, I have collected so many that they have become quite cumbersome. I’ve tried to manage them the best that I can. I have the ones that I use frequently dangling from my keyring, the ones I use often-ish in my wallet, and another set in their own zip pouch buried somewhere in my purse.

So many cards! I frequent three different pet stores which means three cards just for one dog. 😯

Enter this app. Key Ring.

Simply download it (it’s FREE) and open up your wallet. Tap the “plus” sign in the upper right corner of the app and start scanning those cards. The scanner screen is very sensitive and your cards will scan easily.

Once they are scanned, each card will exist inside this app.


When you arrive at the checkout, just tap the title and the bar code will appear on the screen of your phone. Show your phone to the cashier.

I’ve been using this for several weeks and trying it out in different stores.

I can report that in Lowe’s my loyalty card scanned right off this app. Perfect!
This was also true in two of my local grocery stores. Only one store was not able to scan it, but the cashier didn’t miss a beat. She just typed in the number that appeared above the bar code and I was good to go.

All cards have now been removed from my keyring, wallet and purse-pouch.

Very very handy!

Key Ring Reward Cards is FREE in the iTunes store (Note: you will need iOS 7 on your device to use this app.)

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Keep Your Receipts in Order with CamScanner

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 8.08.38 AMOrganization means a lot to me. I like to know where I can find something if I need it. And household paperwork is no exception.

For years I’ve kept a “receipt drawer.” This is the place I stash receipts for (almost) everything I buy. Of course over time it gets a little unwieldy and the mish-mash of paper is a bear to sort through. Last month I did a purge and it took me most of the day. By the time I reached the bottom of the drawer (and receipts dating back YEARS), my shredder was objecting with moans and groans.

But since I’ve found CamScanner, I’m gradually changing my stashing-habit. With this app, I can take a quick picture of my receipt and it will be sorted, saved and easily available if I need it.

All you do it take a photo of your receipt (through the app) and it will automatically crop and enhance it. Really, truly … the receipts look great. Clear and sharp.

You can label them, and therefore easily retrieve them. Excellent document management.

Personally I only use this for bigger purchases. I mean, if we buy an appliance of some sort, I use this to save the receipt. I don’t scan receipts for odds and ends daily stuff unless I suspect that I may have some kind of issue with it. This way the app doesn’t get overwhelmed like that drawer of mine. Within the app the receipts are sorted, unlike the drawer where they are merely squashed. 😯

CamScanner has great reviews and has won many awards.

Now …. here comes the “BUT” …..

I have the FREE version. I use it regularly and I’m very happy with the function it gives me. There are ads of course, but they are not terribly intrusive.

The PAID version gives you a lot more functionality, but the price is steep. Really steep. And not even a one-time price, but an on-going high subscription price of $5 a month or $50 a year. To me it makes it prohibitive for the average person. I’m sticking to FREE, and so far, so good.

That said …. there are those who love it, regardless of the expense. It is an excellent document-digitizer, and the following article explains fully how wonderful it can be. If you are truly dedicated to scanning all the documents in your life, then perhaps the price would suit you afterall.

This article explains it well: CamScanner Turns Any Smartphone Into a Scanner and Document Management System

But for me .. for now … I just use the free version to scan my receipts. Works well for me, and it’s FREE.
CamScanner, for your iPhone or iPad is Free in the iTunes store

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