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Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.42.54 PMI’m an iPad enthusiast. I’m a Kindle enthusiast. I’m an iPhone enthusiast. I’m also enthusiastic about apps and ebooks. I enjoy seeking out new things and sharing what I’ve learned so a blog is the perfect way to do all that. A place to contain my bubbling enthusiasm and a place to share.

I’m not a tech wizard. Just an ordinary person who gets great enjoyment from today’s incredible technology. People may chuckle about Atari 2600, but even that was astounding coming on the heels of it’s predecessor, Pong.

I bubbled, then, too. If there had been blogs in those Pong days, I would have posted with glee and delight about the little black-and-white pixel that you could bounce across your television screen.

FYI: Pong. Was. Awesome. (really)

96 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m glad you liked visiting my blog. I wanted to say, too, that I like the way you describe how you aren’t a tech wizard but that these cool technologies just light you up so much. It is marvelous to read when someone has a true passion for something like you do. 🙂

  2. Saw your goodreads widget. Looks like you might like some of the same types of books. I don’t understand why the widget doesn’t take you to the displayed goodreads page, though. Do you? So I don’t know your name. Did I miss it on the blog? Well, anyway, if you’d like another reading buddy on GR, look me up.

    • Although I faithfully record my books on Goodreads, I haven’t been active, there. Not even sure if I have a page :). I’ll have to look closer and check on the books you’re reading!
      😉 Kathy

  3. I remember my introduction to video games…on a business trip, a co-worker and I came across a tabletop game called something like “Galaxia”…we spent I-don’t-know-how-many-quarters-and-hours on that game 🙂

  4. Oh good someone like me, glad to know I’m not alone, although my kindle is picketing me for more share time since I started blogging. 🙂 You will be great fun (and informative but fun first) to follow!

  5. I don’t know much about all this fancy stuff. But I love learning a little bit about new things. Then I can choose to learn deeper if think I would enjoy. I have found so many things that I originally said…….I don’t think this is for me. And WOW I found it really was for me. lol

    • You have a wonderful attitude! I agree … It’s always interesting to stretch ourselves and learn new things. You never know what you might enjoy. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! 🙂

    • Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find some information that will excite you more than pong (which obviously didn’t). 🙂 I am so happy to have you join us! Thank you.

  6. Ralph says:

    First of all thank you for your visit to my blog. I would like now to look around yours. On reading the comments here it should be an interesting read. Take care. Ralph

  7. Good Morning..!! I have now spent the last two hours looking around and reading your blog!! Have to say that your direction (for the blog..) is a unique one and very inspiring. While I have no trouble (in general..!!) working through the techno stuff, I am very pleased to meet someone who takes the time to review and post on techie new things. I will have to keep reading your posts, I guess, just to stay current on “what’s new.”!!! Two hours here….and the rest of my blog respondents still to go….OMG, my head hurts. Help me!! Please!!! I am reading and I can’t get up….

  8. poppytump says:

    Golly I feel a need for some new technology looking at your blog-of-knowledge with all the helpful bits !! I have no excuse now 🙂 but it maybe awhile yet …
    Sometimes I am def need of re-booting or quite possibly a system restore !
    Thanks for popping by 🙂

  9. I love Howard’s comments, and I love your site. I haven’t spent 2 hours YET, but I plan to. I have spent several hours over a period of time., and I want to invite you to an appreciation circle. This isn’t an award, but an appreciation of what you are doing. You can read about it on my blog. http://wp.me/p2jC53-IB 🙂

  10. elizabeth says:

    Ha, I’ve had an iphone 3g for just over a year and only recently worked out why it wasn’t ringing when folks called. LOL 🙂 But I do remember playing Pong and having a ball. Simpler times.

  11. Ah, I also remember one of the first ‘word computer games’ “Adventure” I got pretty high up, I had such elaborate maps…that was before engagement, marriage, children….

    Thanks for your visit.

  12. shelagh1 says:

    I too am an iPad user – but I probably don’t use it to its full capacity – will follow and learn from you … Thank you 🙂

    • Welcome! The blog is a little slow right now, but there will be a new operating system released this fall, and I plan to help us all learn the new features, then. In the meantime, just look back by tapping the category “iPad” or looking through the “how to’s” up on the top of the blog. So glad you have joined us. 🙂

  13. Can you imagine how I feel with my iPad when there was a time I was very excited when the
    hand held calculators became popular! Of course I wasn’t as addicted to the calculator as
    I am to my iPad. I’m a gadget person and this is the greatest ” gadget” that was ever invented.

    • Yes, Charlie! I’m right there with you. I remember traveling to a large dept store just to SEE the new calculators with those bright lit-up numbers!! There was a crowd gathered around it, but I wiggled my way in. I just HAD to see it. I’m a gadget person, too, and I share your enthusiasm for the iPad. It continues to ‘wow’ me every single day. 🙂

  14. Oh I so need a blog like yours…. Just, sort of, think I have nearly caught up with IT then, BAM, something new arrives…. Try to resist buying for a while then just give in. Another learning curve looming. “They” do say all this learning keeps our old folks brain from self destructing. So bring it on…. 8)

  15. I think you already know how much I love your blog! And I was addicted to Pong.. 😀 I have your post about how to do smileys saved on my favorites list and I hit it at least once a day! This is the first time I checked out your “About” and it is so nice to see the person behind this oh so helpful blog! Thank you!

    • So happy to meet you!! I’m a little shy, but I knew I needed an “about me” page. Now I’m glad I included it. And I’m so delighted that you enjoy my blog. Thank you, muchly! 🙂

  16. My Kindle seems to have a virus. Is hat possible. Can’t sync by books. Sometimes the battery monitor has a question mark in it. All the apps say they can’t run. Very strange. Thanks!

    • Have you tried shutting it down entirely (not just asleep) … turn it off and then start it up again? If you have, and you still have issues, I would call Amazon support. They are amazing. I once thought my Kindle was completely dead (screen frozen and pixelated) but I called them and they walked me through this and that and got it running again, perfectly. Just go to the Amazon webpage, and navigate to the Kindle books section. Look wayyyyyy down the column on the left side of the page, and you will find a link for Kindle Support. Click on the “contact us” spot, and select your preferred way to get in touch. I selected “you call me” and they called me in moments. Let me know how you do!! 🙂

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