Be Prepared to Think: Falcross, an Engrossing Logic Puzzle Game

I enjoy puzzle games, and there are so many available, I’m delighted to have stumbled upon this one.

Falcross has it’s own background music, but it is equally enjoyable without the sound, so if you are in an environment where you want your device to stay quiet, this will be just fine. (Considering that I’ve found myself thinking out loud as I solve these, I prefer a solitary environment as well!)

It plays on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Be prepared to think. This is all logic. You will be thoroughly absorbed with thought as you have to deduce what is possible for each square.

You will be presented with a grid of squares, with numbers around the edges. Similar to Sudoku, you will have to fill in a square so that it matches criteria from the side and from above.

Touch a square and it fills with color. As the squares fill, the grid eventually morphs into a picture (made up of squares).

There is an excellent tutorial in the beginning so you will be on your way to solve your first puzzle in minutes.

The puzzles start with grids of only 5 X 5 squares, but the difficulty increases to 10 X 10 squares and finally 15 X 15.

A quiet, zen-ish, thinking style kind of puzzle game.

40 puzzles are free, and if you want to play more after that, you can purchase additional puzzle packs. I am not a fan of in-app purchases, but I enjoyed this game and bought another set of puzzles after I completed the first batch.

Falcross, free with in-app purchases.

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